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If you choose to help her and become her very special friend she may even invite you back to her house which she will share with you.This involves a series of quests to make you share a special bond.

Problems, Conflicts, Bugs: If by some chance you find something you think is a bug, my suggestion is... Scripts in this game are heavily determinate upon time based triggers so if something looks broken, Ahnassi is standing still instead of doing what shes supposed to (happens alot with horse due to beths funky ai glitches) just wait an hour or so, and it almost always resolves itself. Questions and Answers: Here I will do classic Q&A with questions I know people will ask or have asked that are good and helpful. A: The Counts Arms, Anvil Q: Where is the follow button, I don't see it...After your finished with the quests she will become a full companion, willing to help you with whatever you need to do.Also she will have special things to do in specific occasions.Sometime she wears stolen stuff, sometimes she wont. A: Why just pm me for details, along with ANY OTHER POSSIBLE SPOILER QUESTIONS, don't post spoilers in this thread unless its like 4 months after release and you REALLY need help.Q: Ahnassi suxorz, sh3 dosent kill all the nubs in 1 hit. If she is with you she generally will compliment your style of fighting. If you give her a longsword and run into battle you two can be alot less sneaky. Q: I hate your mod, you suck, where can I send you large bombs? *runs away*Q: So many questions and answers, I dun wanna read em, I'll just ask random questions in the thread!

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The malodor of your rotting bodies in the sun will sweep like a clearing wind over the burning cities of Cyrodiil.

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